Turkish Employment Agency Solutions in Compliance with Both Laws and Private Sector Facts

Today, there are many incentive applications that are brought to effect by the government to encourage employers for additional employment by reducing personnel costs. The incentive with the most savings the employer is provided with is undoubtedly Turkish Employment Agency On-the-Job Training Program (İEP). For an employee with minimum wage, 1,404 TL net wage payment over monthly 26 days’ working basis is borne by the government during a program’s time and 700 TL SSI and Tax employer cost is provided by İEP thanks to which the employer saves 2,104 TL a month when the Trainee starts working and saves total 6,312 TL net from a trainee at the end of the 3 months’ program instead of employing an employee directly with SSI. Besides that, On-the-Job Training Program is also the most challenging incentive to be applied on site because of the complicated nature of bureaucratic procedures, difficulty in the institution approvals and difficultly operable operational process …

İNKA Human Resources, eliminates all these challenges by specific solutions for you.We make necessary planning, have all communication made with the institutions and carry out and report the whole operational process on your behalf for the new personnel to be employed by you can start working as an On-the-Job-Training Program Trainee instead of SSI, without letting you have labour loss along with a full-scope Turkish Employment Agency Consulting Service and thus your company can obtain saving (income) without bringing any additional operational burden to your company and without influencing your recruitment processes.

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