SHINING STARTS (Recruiters are the Ones who can best Understand the Jobseeker Candidates)

When we evaluate the recent candidate applications and feedbacks, in particular, the similar feedbacks from the newly graduate fellows attract our attention.

The common rebel of newly graduates and those who have not found a job but had a long time after graduating is that most of the job ads address experienced people and they complained how they could find a job without having any experience. Here, we performed preliminary researches and studies to see what we can do at this point.

It was not indeed possible for us to solve everybody’s problems and we decided to develop a project. We evaluated those with sense of responsibility and high research skills who really want to gain experience and improve their skills in the field of human resources having received education in the field of human resources (graduates of labour economics, business administration, human resources etc.) through applications and interviews. And we started the training process with the newly graduates who want to both represent İnka and invest in themselves.

In these studies to be done in 2 or 3 groups within the year, we will be offering several trainings on recruitment and human resources in certain periods and scheduling several exams.

Here the purpose is to help those who are unable to find a job due to being inexperienced make use of the physical conditions of the company and obtain knowledge from advisors and create their background…

When they find a job, we will just be proud with our shining starts.

Our business is human resources and the secret of our success lies in touching human life…