Value Added Recruitment Service

Our purpose is to find the candidates exactly competent for your company in the fastest manner and bring them to you. In line with this purpose, we adopt corporate culture through company specific Recruitment Specialists, use traditional and innovative Selection & Placement methods together, and we also produce the right candidates thereby producing company or position specific projects and operating the process through proactive field studies. Furthermore, we offer customer satisfaction exceeding the expectations by providing candidate forwarding in a speed and number exceeding the expectations thanks to İNKA Special Candidate Database which involves candidates who do not have memberships in career portals.

Recruitment and HR Process Consultancy

1. We trust our job method

We consider every job as a project, listen to, understand the customer well about the related positions and apply the necessary methods for the right and timely closure of the position. We do not comprise from the operational loads and costs in order to create the right customer experience. We trust this “evaluating every position as a project” method of ours which we call Value Added Recruitment Service, and we reveal performances exceeding the customers’ expectations thanks to this method. From the customer’s perspective, İNKA sees recruitment process as follows: The company has a competent recruitment specialist. He knows the company, knows the requirements of the position. This specialist has all kinds of unlimited instruments and he even has a candidate database nobody has ever had.

If there is an activity that needs be performed in the field, time, means, and facilitators are all available in complete. Thus, a company having such a specialist receives a performance from the job delegated to İNKA in the same way that it will receive efficiency from its own recruitment specialist when in need of personnel.

2. Candidate Database

İNKA has produced periodic and part-time personnel provision service since 2001. Every year, there are graduates from the candidate pool which mostly consists of university students. These graduates are the candidates with BA and MA degree who do not look for periodic or part-time jobs but full-time jobs.

İNKA searches these candidates through a call cycle order and keeps their resumes constantly up-to-date. For example, hundreds of candidates who were sent to the congresses as translators or supervisors in 2009 are now in their 30s working in several sectors as Specialists, Authorities or Directors or looking for a job.

İNKA is a HR company who lets these candidates earn their pocket money at university and then sends them to job interviews in the following years. This friendship and collaboration allows İNKA to filter the candidate database when a new position arrives and have hundreds of candidate friends to offer jobs for the suitable candidates.

3. Ability to provide Integrated Service

İNKA also produces SSI or Turkish Employment Agency Incentive Services by outsourcing and technical payroll. Thus, for the candidate wanted, if the customer desires to receive a further service, that service can be produced by İNKA.

Furthermore; İNKA finds candidates suitable for incentive at SSI and Turkish Employment Agency and make the related recruitment service free for the company; let them experience to receive recruitment service for free as well as obtain incentive income.

With our specialist teams, we have been successfully serving our partners on White Collar and Blue Collar in all sectors, cities and positions including the ones requiring technical infrastructure since 2009.

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