Giving a better income to employees without creating financial burden on the employer

As is known; through Turkish Employment Agency On-the-Job Training Program (İEP), monthly 1,404 TL wage payment of an employee with minimum wage is borne by the government and approximately 700 TL SSI&Tax cost exemption is provided. Thus, the employer saves 2,104 TL a month, and total 6,312 TL net from the trainee at the end of the program.

İNKA Human Resources makes the On-the-Job Training Program applicable with full potential along with the Turkish Employment Agency Service which will be given to you by our special solutions without bringing any operational burden to your company and without influencing your recruitment processes and brings this saving (income) real to you. Besides that, thanks to the Bonus Applications built special for your company, we enable you to provide additional income to your employees without undertaking additional costs and we promote you to become the employer preferred by candidates. When compared to employment with SSI, you experience no loss of labour and we introduce you the candidates with whom you can walk on the same path for longer by higher wage thanks to this special Turkish Employment Agency build.

To learn more about our references we serve within this scope, you can reach us via our contact info below and you can use the following link to create a Turkish Employment Agency income projection specific to your company by one click.

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