Alternative Solutions Reaching Quick Result in Recruitment Services

Recruitment services process is not actually as simple, standard and easy as it sounds although both doing it and the way of reaching it looks like standard. Being at the same time the most important factor in human resource, the resource factor should not be limited with a few career portals.

At this point, we offer different and extensive solutions rather than limited resources and standard methods. We undertake the workload of the companies which are not able to create time and financial resource for recruitment service. And while doing this, we sample more cost effective working models. Most importantly, thanks to our company dynamism and consulting status, we eliminate the conflict of X-Y generations which is not visible within the frame of the whole picture but has recently been the most challenging factor in the recruitment processes when it comes to operation.

Being the starting point of İnka, thanks to its wide range of service, our MICE department performs daily and periodical recruitments such as events, concerts through the university students with higher qualifications. The university students that are working with İnka take their step to career through our career planning consultants before meeting the resume portals. Therefore, both they and potential graduate candidates initially cross with us.

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