İNKA in brief...

Since 2001 when İNKA was founded, we aimed to become the best human resources company in Turkey. We have tried to become an expert in all fields, all settings that we entered. We determined the requirements in different sectors, produced private solutions for the companies and enabled those companies to reach the targeted spots trouble-free.

Today, the thing we are most proud of is that we have created great satisfaction for the customers we have served and the masses they address. İNKA has always been and will be ready for support with our personnel who are excited, dynamic and professional like the first day in any field you need.

İNKA in figures...

The most significant factor that led us to our current position has been trying to provide you with the service that you deserve by working productively, efficiently and sincerely and it is our only target in this path to put new milestones every day.

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